Holly is super intuitive and my reiki session was super relaxing, and informative. She has amazing energy, is a kind caring soul and highly recommended. She is calming, interested, helpful and follows up to see how you are after the sessions.

Working with Holly was such a pleasure! I had a Reiki session with her and felt calm and relaxed during my treatment and lighter emotionally afterward. Her insight very intuitive and she is clearly tapped into the wonderful divine energy. I would highly recommend Holly for anyone wanting to try Reiki for the first time or 100th! Much love for all you do 💜

Thank you holly! 🥳
I’ve never felt so much happier, more free in my life after coaching with you. The timeline therapy was an amazing experience and seeing things I never knew were connected to myself as well!
I came in feeling completely directionless and finished up knowing exactly where I want to go and listening to my heart through it all.
You made me find my inner strength and drive back and I am very grateful for all your help, support and teachings.

If anyone is feeling like they have no hope, stuck in unhealthy patterns or need a down right change of path, please contact holly because you definitely won’t be let down! 🙌

How is my experience? Freeing. Calming. Healing. We have just begun an array of Swan conversations (ask her about it…it’s life changing) and already…I see my subconscious reacting differently. Not simply from the 2 portions we focused on so far, but from my subconscious as a whole. My rage is learning to be loved and useful, my communication is becoming clearer and less chaotic, and because of these focused points…my confidence is coming back. The haze that has been my brain for some time now, seems to be clearing. Holly has such a calming spirit, a pure heart…it is easy to find comfort with her, even from the most stubborn of people ☺️

If you’re at the point where you constantly say ‘something’s gotta give’…give her a shout. She’ll help that give.

I was grateful enough to work on my limiting beliefs with Holly and am blown away by the results!
Tapping into the unconscious blocks that I had developed made me feel lighter and anxiety free.

Being able to release these old limiting beliefs has given me more space for my spiritual, mental and emotional growth 🌱

I can’t believe how long I had let something so damaging disrupt my inner peace 😥

If you’re looking to take that next step along your soul journey and step up, I highly recommend giving Timeline therapy for limiting beliefs a go. It really blew my mind 🙏🏽

I did a breakthrough coaching session with Holly and found the experience to be challenging, thought provoking and eye opening. Holly is very easy to talk to and I felt zero judgments with the things I shared. I walked away from my experience with hope and positivity for what’s to come. Thank you for an amazing experience, Holly.

Holly facilitated a Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy session for me and it was LIFE CHANGING!During this mind blowing experience, Holly held the most gentle and nurturing, safe space for me, supporting me on an adventure of discovering the self and the soul.Not only does Holly have the most relaxing and hypnotic voice I have ever had the pleasure of hearing, she is also a fantastic listener, has a super open mind and is so effortlessly easy to get along with.I felt completely comfortable with her from the moment I arrived and she took really good care of me during the personal, intense and expansive experience.Thank you Holly!I am looking forward to many many more epic sessions with you, in this life time and all other times, space & dimensions!